The Story Of Us

The Story of Us
Institute II, Teach for India 2017.
Bhavya Malhotra.

A friend texted me yesterday saying, “Do you even realise the number of times you have used the word priceless in the last month?”

All I replied was, “Yes, and why not?”
Why not because After all everything this institute has given me was nothing short of being priceless.

This institute pushed me of out of my comfort zone. The number of people I have interacted with in the last month is more than all the people I have ever interacted in my life time COMBINED.

This institute redefined the skill of teaching for me. If I attended classes in college the way I attended my IT hours here, I would definitely be at that ‘achievers’ list of the University.

This institute made me love the food I cook for myself no matter how tasteless it was. It gave me friendships that I could count on for everything- right from helping me with my lesson plans, to listening to me on my bad days, to pushing me to go out on the weekends because I deserved it. It gave me people who’d always wave at me, smile and say Hi no matter how unresponsive I was.

This institute taught me how important each minute was when at every lunch without fail I tried to steal a nap or two.

This institute made me feel like a mother when the very first 3 mins of my day passed in waking up others by calling them up.

This institute let me celebrate my individuality by respecting every opinion I had. It accepted me the way I was and always motivated to be the better version of me.

This institute gave me hope. It gave me a sense of family away from home. A family with the same vision. A family with the kindest of the hearts.

I am going to miss waking up before sunrise. I am going to miss the ‘long drives.’ I am going to miss having like minded conversations and goals. I am going to miss this place whole.

When they said, it’s going to be a roller coaster, I didn’t know they actually meant that it’s going to be a roller coaster where memories of a lifetime would be made.

Now tell me, Isn’t this too priceless a place?


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