The Tiny Brain

​There she lay in her bed lazing around, aware of the gush of emotions within her. She could feel the pain in the corner of her heart; an empty space which desired to be filled.

Times like these, when she wanted to speak at length and still never expressed the desire to do the same, they made her realise  what they call self worth. She was learning to be okay without having anyone to listen to her all along because she knew what she was doing was probably the wrong thing. Or infact it probably was not even a very big thing, but dare she shared it with someone. Subconsciously she acknowledged the insignificance of the present moment, and that is exactly what she hated.

She wanted to for once, not give a damn about the usefulness of the present moment. She for once wanted to, fall down, and fall down so hard that next time she doesn’t feel the pain no matter how bad it is. But the tiny brain that knew little too much for it’s age just spoilt everything for her. And somewhere in the corner of her heart, she was scared of letting her little brain down by acting her own age.


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