I have reached to a point where I no longer admire, adore or even embrace new human relationships what so ever. I may be speaking too much, but I certainly am speaking the truth when I say, this human race is full of vices. Vices that the creator never thought would one day rule the world. Today when I look back and examine the few people I have been able to manage a relationship with, I realise everyone at the end of the day was so full of SOMETHING or the other that just left me sad. 

My friend (atleast that’s what I thought she was) in class V, she turned out to be a liar. My cousin I thought was the smartest of all, she turned out to be voluntarily mentally ill. My friend I thought I would tresure, he became someone I could barely tolerate. My another buddy I thought was going to my constant companion, his ego was more important to him. 

There has been a weird dislike and repelling force created which just makes me want to not be a human. I sometimes condemn my own existence because if I were meant to be who I am today, I am sure I didn’t deserve the whole big crap I have gone through till now.

If there’s something that helps me restore my faith in humanity, it’s just my relationship with the two most special people in my life. At least I have them to count on when I see the world falling apart due to everything bad. But trust me when I say, there is very little good left on this planet. Try to be the good human you were meant to be. And always remember, love and hate both are VERY strong forces. Don’t be the one who attracts the latter. Never be the one.


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