Have you ever loved someone who never loved you back? There’s a weird thing that this one sided love makes you do. It makes you irrational. You forget how physically, emotionally and mentally impossible things can be. You are so blinded by the idea of ‘dating’ that you just let everything else lie in the corner as if they were your 5th standard books which you’d never ever turn back to. You always had the dream of having that one man whom you shall treasure forever. You see him one day and in your mind give yourself a high five that “Yes! He’s the one I’ll walk down the aisle to.”
You have always believed in investing your anything only if it gave you returns. And returns good enough for you to relish. But this one time, you became lame and foolish enough to invest your emotions and your time in something that never ever was going to give you anything but negative interest. 

And one fine day when he bursts your bubble that nothing is ever going to work out, suddenly, he becomes the bad person. Suddenly your friends start telling you to stop being a doormat for him but you, you who are STILL blinded by the concept of being his ‘forever’ you keep doing what you were. For him, you became that one person who’s always going to by his side in times of crisis and happiness. And for you, for you he became just another love story that you thought was going to have the most beautiful ending ever, but alas!

One fine day he comes and says, you’re a very nice person and I feel bad for being who I have been. Your heart skips a beat that maybe something impossible might just happen. What you forget in the spur of that moment is that somethings aren’t meant to be. Sometimes you need to tell your brain and your heart and make peace with the fact that may be love wasn’t made for you because there are better things out there that are in store for you which you simply overlook; and why not? You are already too blinded by sparkle of bliss that these butterflies in your stomach give you, every time you see him!


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