Sherlock Holmes and Sheldon Cooper are two of the very loved and adored characters in the fiction world. Besides sharing the common first name initial I believe these two share a lot more. Scroll down to read everything similar in the two most handsome, charming and perfect characters of our era.


1. Both of them are super intelligent and stand out from the crowd. Sherlock is the most desired detective and Sheldon is the double PhD holder everybody idolises because let’s face it, there isn’t anyone who can outdo him at Physics’ laws and theories.

2. Both of them are portrayed as humans with few or no emotions. Sheldon and Sherlock both of them stay aloof from the people and society and hence have the number of friends whom we count on our fingers.

3. Both of them have an enemy they’d do anything to get rid of. Sheldon wishes for the end of Wil Wheaton and Sherlock is on his way to bringing and end to Jim Moriarity’s era.

4. Both of them are equally cute, thin, tall and adorable to an extent no girl can express. The weird yet cute quirks and actions of these two characters make us fall in love with both of them again and again.

5. Both of them talk in terms which are practically impossible for a common man to understand at one go. I’d be lying if I’d say I haven’t replayed the episodes JUST to hear understand what the two characters have said in their respective parts.

6. Both of them are almost expressionless throughout. They are the ones with the LEAST expressions in their roles. But when they smile (which is once in a blue moon), oh! that smile is to die for (literally, figuratively and sarcastically).

7. Both of them have love and care for their best friend without whom they can’t possibly function. Sherlock has saved John Watson times enough to say this. Sheldon has been the saviour for Lenord right from the incident when the lift stops functioning.

8. Both of them becoming non-functioning in the presence of too many people around them.

9. Both of them are no non-sense people. Neither do they deal with nor do they encourage cases and people they find juvenile. They have no room for utter rubbish and petty stuff in their schedule.

10. We love both of them equally. The cutest abnormal characters in the history of TV shows!

P.S: What if Sherlock and Sheldon were to be featured on the same show? Let me leave you there! Happy wondering 😉


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