You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation to believe better things. 
― Jamie Tworkowski

People. No matter how much we claim to love solitude, after a point of time, all of us need some people in our lives. People whom we can turn to on a sad day; people who’d be there to celebrate our every high; people who will be there to help us carve our way through a rough day and most importantly, people who make us believe that good things still exist in this world.

A small incident that happened the other day suddenly gave me a moment of epiphany. It made me realize, how important people can be in our lives. The incident went like this: I went out for shopping with a friend the other day. When we were returning home, it just happened that my friend boarded the train and the train left. I couldn’t board it. And this might not sound a big deal and it technically wasn’t a big deal either. I could simply take the next train and meet my friend at the next station. I have traveled enough in this city to deal with a SIMPLE situation like this. But this moment was something different altogether. It left me with tears in my eyes.

As I saw that train go in front of me, I had a pang of seeing someone go away from me, and that was scary. That was the moment when I realized what it is like to lose someone. Even if we don’t discuss this every now and then, and even if we simply roam around with them every day and do nothing else, the attachment to people can sometimes be way more than you’d realize. They become a part of your every day; a part of everything you do. The fear of losing a person is certainly one of the most painful emotions in the history of mankind. People do not talk about their feelings in general and their fears in specific very frequently. And often, it is because the society doesn’t adore and entertain such transparent people a lot. And this is where the society goes wrong.

Let’s just say, when God created this world, he made everyone and everything for a reason. If there are certain people in your life, they are there to be loved, to be understood and to be valued; and not simply to be discarded and treated as if you were oblivious to their existence. If you feel something, you need to express it. We need to start being more loving, and more importantly we need to start being more vocal about our love and our fondness and attachments. On the flip side, when you see someone being vocal, don’t be a person who makes them feel bad about it. Be someone who embraces and welcomes the expression of feelings and encourages people to be expressive. Maybe it is everything that is lacking in the process of valuing God’s best creation ever- our fellow human beings.



3 thoughts on “People Are Made To Be Loved And Valued. Realize This Before It Is Too Late.

  1. Yes Bhavya, we seldom.realise it but we humans are made in such a way that we are intertwined to others – in some sort of mystic way. But somewhere wedp fail to understand this… becoming extremely self centered. One needs to bw modest and accept our dependence on people around us, by loving and receiving love in return

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